The TCD Italia Barrel Flare Tip is a general purpose flare burner for use when smoke suppression is not required either because the gas to be flared is not an inherent smoke producer or environmental conditions permit some smoke to be tolerated.



This flare tip provides a flexible method of low pressure, high volume waste gas disposal that ensures a safe and sufficient means of combustion relief flow rates from maximum emergency conditions to turn down (purge rate).
The flare tip is provided with a number of pilot burners that supply a constant source of ignition to the root of the flame so that even if there is a tendency for the flame to lift off, the gas is being constantly re-ignited. In addition, the flare tip is provided with flame stabilizer.
This device stabilises the flame by creating a zone of re-circulating gas immediately down-stream, the stabilizer device preventing lift-off even under severe wind conditions.
The flare burner is of robust construction, fabricated from heat resistant stainless steel (usually AISI310S). All critical items such as flame stabilizers, pilot, windshield and all welded attachments are fabricated from high nickel alloys (AISI310S) and they are subject to rigorous inspection during fabrication.
To further enhance the operating life of the flare tip, external wind deflectors (windshield) are attached to the tip and surround the upper section of the burner.As the wind blows across the flare tip, a low pressure zone is created on the downwind side which pulls the flame downwards causing the gases to burn on the flare tip body. The purpose of the wind deflectors is to protect the flare tip body by preventing flame impingement.