Flaring is the combustion process used for the safe disposal of large quantities of waste gases and vapours in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
Due to the fact that toxic and greenhouse gases are the main products of flaring which has devastating impact on environment and also ruin distinction of the operators of the plant specifically when accompany with black smoke, in the recent years, researchers and policy makers are focused on these issues by finding solutions and legislating protocols and environmental regulations.



A good flaring management could lead to reduce the emission of toxic gas which ultimately minimizes the impact of flaring on the environment. One of the basic principles to limit the hazardous gas emission is to make flaring combustion as efficient as possible.
According to common practice when waste gas pressure is low, steam or air need to be provided as assistance to improve the level of momentum and produce complete combustion and smokeless operation
The TCD Italia are able to analize your actual flare system and propose our products to improve the combustion’s-efficiency.